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Last Updated: 28/May/2018

§ Projects

My products and Open Source projects.


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A lightweight macOS menu bar application that facilitates saving and managing quotes/highlights.
It has several features such as: exporting, managing (edit, delete) and showing periodical quotes.
Quotes can be saved either using the shortcut (⌘⇧K) or from services.


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Duprule is a tool to detect and filter hashcat rules using this algorithm:
  1. Compile each rule to an AST.
  2. Optimize the AST.
  3. Compare and remove rules that have the same AST.


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A 2048 clone that runs from the terminal.


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Perl5 binding for the hashcat rules engine.

Subjective styles

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CSS styles to fix styles issues for certain websites.

Slack Time Bot

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Slack bot for logging availability time of teams.