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Last Updated: 16/Feb/2020

Introducing React Offline Disclaimer

Added on 16/Feb/2020


From time to time, I browse the Web APIs page on MDN. I recently stumbled onto Navigator.onLine.

I thought it'd be interesting to use this API to repliate Google Chrome's offline page in React, thus react-offline-disclaimer was built.


An integral part of the offline experience on Google Chrome is the Dino game.

So, I extracted (with a bit of modification) the game code (under BSD license) into react-chrome-dino.

Here's how it look like

React Offline Disclaimer
Fig.1 - Demo.

Using the code bellow

import React from 'react';
import { Online } from 'react-detect-offline';
import OfflineDisclaimer from 'react-offline-disclaimer';

const App = () => (
      Hello 👋
    <OfflineDisclaimer />
      <p>This content will be shown only when you're online.</p>
      <p>Turn off your connection to see the offline disclaimer page.</p>

export default App;


Please check the GitHub repository for more information.

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