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Last Updated: 18/Nov/2019

Introducing Image Preview app

Added on 18/Nov/2019


Image Preview app
Fig.1 - App running.

Image Preview is a Mac menu bar app that shows random images from a source folder of your choice.

Each time you click on the app it'll show a random image from a folder that you selected. (This is configurable, check bellow)


Seeing some images bring back memories that brighten my day.

Sometimes I'm suprised by an image that reminds me of an event that I've forgot before


When you first open the app it'll alternate between 4 stock images already included in it.

To add a source directory: Click on "Preference" > "Update Source directory"; And select the directory that contains the images that you want to show.



Image Preview app

You can download the application from here.

Here you can find the application source code.

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