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Last Updated: 5/Sep/2020

My Next Phone: Rational decision to choose my next phone

Added on 5/Sep/2020


My previous phone broke down: a part of the screen got shattered (from 4 separate falls), the speaker is damaged, the battery doesn't last enough for my usage -more on this bellow- and its internal storage is too low.

Previous Phone
Fig.1 - My previous phone.

While I could still use it -and actually I've been using it for about a month in this state- it's furstraiting and simple things like read a message, take a photo, translate something,... take me lots of time to get right.

Note: I've owned 7 phones before my current one. This is the first one that I've bought. The previous ones were either gifts or hands down from a friend/family member that wanted to upgrade. Thus I started on the quest of getting a new phone.

What I use my phone for?



How did my previous phones broke?

I never updated a phone because of its processing power, storage or camera. The only reason I'll have a new phone is when the old one is not practically usable for me.

I want my new phone to address as much as possible of the causes bellow.

What I'm looking for in a new phone

Things I don't care about

I expect my phone to live for atleast 2 years (average life for my phones is 1 year).

Candidates for phones

Based on the the causes listed above, I decided I want a rugged phone. This limited my options tremendously.

Next I searched local suppliers for what they had. And the best model I've found that had a good build quality review was CAT® S61.


The other candidates were some off the shelf models, mostly dirt cheap Chinese rugged phones that I think are poorly build, or some very expensive models from Samsung that were very expensive for me and I didn't find enough reputation for them online.

It checks off a good portion of what I'm looking for and have some cool additional features: thermal imaging camera, indoor air quality sensor and laser assisted distance mesurement.

All in all, I found the trade-offs good for my situation and decided to buy it. It was listed off as USD 850 which is equal to LBP 6,205,000. But that's for another blog.

Migration process

I reguraly take full backups for my phone and have sync with google enabled. Thus my migration process was very smooth: apps + data.

The only problem I faced was with Google authenticator not acknowledging my new device. I only had 2 accounts and was able to register my new device with a backup code I took before.


Considering everything, I'm happy with this purshace and I'll see how it holds up with me.

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