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Last Updated: 27/Apr/2021

My migration process from macOS to Ubuntu

Added on 27/Jun/2020

I recently migrated from macOS to Ubuntu 20.04 operating system (and a new laptop fwiw). Out of the box, Ubuntu offer a smooth experience. Though I'm still hardwired to use specific shortcuts or tools from macOS, after 5+ years usage, and I didn't have the liasure to put effort into learning new shortcuts and tools.

Keyboard layout


The CMD ⌘ is an integral part of my keyboard usage. Want to copy text? ⌘ + C Paste? ⌘ + V.

Keyboard layout on my Macbook pro
Fig.1 - Keyboard layout on my Macbook pro.
Keyboard layout on my new laptop
Fig.2 - Keyboard layout on my new laptop.

To replicate the same behavior I wanted to map my keys as follow:


Kinto project
Fig.3 Kinto project.
Kinto - A better Linux & Windows keyboard layout for professional mac users.

The installation step was easy to follow.

Programs / Functionalities

Functionality macOS Ubuntu
Hide mouse cursor Cursorcerer Unclutter
Display color temperature f.lux f.lux
Space to preview Native Sushi
Screenshot shortcuts (CMD+SHIFT+3, CMD+SHIFT+4) Native xfce4-screenshooter
Spotlight search alternative Native Albert
Lookup words (three-fingers tap) Native GoldenDict - use double click instead of three-fingers tap. Check this page to download dictionaries.
Notes Native I'm still yet to find a good alternative. There's an alternative that is aiming to replicate the on in macOs. But during my testing, it had an issue where if you close it, it'll lose all saved notes.
I'm concedering an alternative where I use plain text files, but still yet to find a working routine.
Screenshots annotation Preview Ksnip. I can replace also the shortcuts above to use it for screenshots as well.
Power managment system slimbookbattery
Key mapping system key-mapper & system keyboard shortcut

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