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Last Updated: 29/Dec/2019

Imgur Album Browser

Added on 29/Dec/2019


I enjoy browsing DIY guides (/r/DIY FTW). Many tutorials are posted as Imgur Albums. e.g. Peeqo - The GIF Bot, Rusty cargo van converted into a mobile studio.


I find my self, having to:
  1. Wait for Imgur to load.
  2. Scroll to end of page and click "Show ... Images" to load all the content.
  3. Wait for images to shows with no indication to show loading.
  4. If I have to skip some steps (I do this regularly), I have to scroll and wait for the lazy images to trigger then to download.
Imgur bloat
Fig.1 - Imgur bloat. I don't care much about download size (a single high quality image could be larger than the markup and js downloaded). The problem is the ~9s wait before the first image actually starts downloading.

Introducing Imgur Album Browser


I created Imgur Album Browser to address the points above.

Vid.1 - Imgur Album Browser.


Please check the GitHub repository for more information.

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