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Last Updated: 03/Oct/2022

DIY: USB data blocker dongle

Added on 03/Oct/2022


This is a quick blog on how to create a usb dongle that only allow you to charge your device without copying data.


The radio in my car accepts usb input. It have a feature that automatically detect usb and try to scan it for audio files to play.

This is a problem, as it interrupts the audio already playing when I only want to attach my phone to charge it.


This is quite simple. The standard USB (1.1, 2) type A connector have 4 pins: Vbus D- D+ GND.

USB type A pinout

We have to create a new female <-> male connector that only connects Vbus & GND.

Note: fast charging won't work with this setup.


Materials required for this build

Build steps

  1. Prepare the USB Type A female/male connector.
  2. Connect the male & female connectors
  3. Add a case:
    • Heat shrink tubes
    • 3D Printed case

Build process

Prepare the USB Type A female/male connector

To do this, use your pliers to remove the two middle pins from the connector.

Remove data pints from the female connector

Connect the male & female connectors

Make sure you align the pins correctly. You don't want to link the Vbus to GND. The two white strips should be on opposite direction.

Connecting the male & female ports

Add a case

This will add structural stability for your dongle.

Using heat shrink tube

I added 3 layers of the tube to give it more strength.

Case using heat shrink tubes

3D print a case

If you have access to a 3D printer you can print this model that will fit:

3D printed case


Do a quick test just to make sure that everything is connected correctly.

Testing to make sure everythin is connected correctly

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